Wellness Programs at Reynella Family Care

Wellness Programs at Reynella Family Care-

Reynella Family Care wellness program is a special initiative supported by a group of dedicated and qualified health professionals with advanced training in their respective field and is conducted in collaboration with medical doctors, using the latest evidence-based practice to help patients achieve long-lasting health benefits.

The program aims to help patients to cope with various symptoms and pain associated with chronic illnesses, T2 diabetes, cancer treatments, cardiovascular diseases, muscle injuries and recovery from post surgeries. We believe that there is no one-size fits all approach. Recognising the importance of individual differences and needs, our program adopts an integrated and personalised methodology to empower our patients and assist them to embark on a recovery journey.

Reynella Family Care offers the following programs:

1. Wellness Program – using structured exercises to maximise overall well-being, strength and fitness.

2. Conditioning Program – a program to assist patients to recover from muscle injuries and post-surgeries.

3. Cancer Rehabilitation Program (new initiative) – a holistic program in cancer rehabilitation to assist people living with cancers to maximise health outcome and functions.

4. Personalised Exercise Program for Chronic Pain (new initiative) to manage pain associated with chronic illnesses.

5. Falls and Balance Program which is structured to improve mobility.