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  • Patients who fit the current SA Health COVID-19 testing criteria should not enter any AFC clinic.


  • Instead, COVID-19 suspect cases may be offered a car assessment by their GP, or sent to an appropriate COVID-19 testing centre, respiratory clinic, or drive-through service for testing.


  • Patients who present with cold and/or flu symptoms AND do not fit the current SA Health COVID-19 testing criteria may be assessed via a 1) telehealth consultation; and/or a 2) car assessment.


  • If absolutely necessary, these patients may be reviewed inside a clinic.  However, upon entering the clinic, the patient must wear a surgical mask and maintain social distancing at all times.


  • A doctor examining the patient must wear a surgical mask and gloves and ensure adequate hand hygiene at all times.  After the consult, all equipment must be wiped down as per infection control guidelines.  The consult should be “paperless” such that any prescriptions, referral letters, and/or patient information sheets are sent electronically.


Find further information below regarding the testing of COVID-19 ‘confirmed’ or ‘suspect’ cases:

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