Vasectomy is a highly effective and permanent method of sterilisation for men. This procedure can be done at our Kensington Park Medical Practice Day Surgery. Any out of pocket expenses for this procedure will be discussed with you at your initial consultation at our clinic.

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What is the purpose of a vasectomy?

Vasectomy is a permanent contraceptive method suitable for men seeking to prevent future pregnancies. It offers high effectiveness and irreversibility, making it a popular choice for individuals or couples who have completed their family planning.

What does the procedure involve?

Vasectomy involves the surgical separation or occlusion of the vas deferens, the tubes through which sperm travel from the testes. Various techniques, including conventional vasectomy and no-scalpel vasectomy, are utilized to achieve this goal, with the aim of preventing sperm from rejoining the ejaculate.

How can I be sure the procedure was successful?

Confirmation of vasectomy success requires a semen analysis typically conducted several months post-procedure. This analysis ensures the absence of sperm in the ejaculate, providing the green light for unprotected sexual activity. Patients may need to ejaculate multiple times to clear any residual sperm from the vas deferens.

Will a vasectomy affect my sexual function?

Vasectomy does not impact sexual desire, erectile function, or orgasmic ability. While ejaculate volume may decrease slightly due to the absence of sperm, sexual pleasure remains unaffected, offering individuals reassurance regarding their continued sexual health and satisfaction.

What are the potential complications from this procedure?

Although rare, complications such as bleeding, infection, and post-vasectomy pain syndrome can occur. It’s essential for individuals considering vasectomy to discuss potential risks and benefits with their healthcare provider to make informed decisions about the procedure.