Who is being injected at the moment:

Who is being vaccinated?

  • All persons aged 50 and above.


What vaccines are available in general practice?

  • Astra Zeneca:
    • This is the only vaccine available to GP’s at the moment.
    • It can be stored in a normal fridge
    • The vaccine is delivered in ampoules of 10 doses. This means that the practice will attempt to immunise in groups of 10.
  • Pfizer and Moderna vaccines:
    • These are not available to GP’s.
    • One reason is that they need storage at minus 70 degrees Celsius. Such technology is not available to GP’s.



Is Astra Zeneca dangerous?

  • There are rare cases of abnormal clotting.
  • In Australia to the above date there have been 22 cases and one fatality.
  • This represents one death in over 2 million injections.
  • The benefits of being immunised VASTLY outweigh the risks.



Is the vaccine effective.

  • YES
  • Remember this simple statement.
    • All vaccines in use in Australia provide almost 100% protection from serious illness, hospital admission and death.