Dr Ivan Hoh

Dr Ivan Hoh

General Practitioner


With a rich professional history encompassing 20 years in prominent London, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide centers, my expertise spans Surgery, Academia, Robotics,  Spinal, and Urology Surgery.

My journey has cultivated a commitment to a comprehensive healthcare philosophy, emphasizing health preservation over disease prevention. I am eager to contribute to this esteemed team of doctors, collectively dedicated to empowering individuals on their path to a healthier life.

Special Areas of interest:

♦ Men’s Health eg vasectomy, circumcision

♦ Prostate cancer

♦ Surgical conditions incl ingrown toe nail

♦ Skin cancers / excisions

♦ Recurrent UTI

♦ Overactive bladder symptoms

♦ Female Incontinence

♦ Medicinal cannabis